Meet the Cast

Tyler Clawson

DM, Producer, Editor, Audio Wizard

Plays All the NPCs

Tyler has been playing Dungeons and Dragons for almost twenty years and podcasting for nearly a decade. He is a podcast producer for other shows like Between Lewis and Lovecraft, and he writes novels.

Tyler married his best friend, and they continue to make each other laugh with silly ideas that may or may not make an appearance in the game.

Camron Clawson

Editor, Music Producer, Sound Designer

Plays Dante

Cam is a musician and mysterious guy who grew up in Oregon. He loves music, is a dog person, and discovered after just three months in Wisconsin that he hates snow.

Alexa Tibbils

Plays Westra

Alexa was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and still calls it home. When she’s not answering 911 calls in the middle of the night, she enjoys knitting, playing video games, and the occasional karaoke night. She shares her home with two cuddly kitties, Kirk and Spock.

JT Owens

Guild Mixologist

Plays Krontold

JT is an artist and writer who loves disc golf and tabletop games. He's also just, all-around chill dude.

Gage Runkle

Plays Ctestibus

Gage loves professional sports, live concerts, and being outdoors. When he's home, he loves watching cartoons with his wife and playing with their three cats and dog.

cover illustration by Barbara Guttman