Small Town Heroes

The Adventurers

Ctestibus Ironhide

Ctestibus is a drunken artificer and an oddly tall dwarf. After his mother died at a young age, he and his father moved to Haberdashery Woods to live with his uncle and work at the Forge. The three of them went to war against the turncoats. Ctestibus's father died in battle, and his uncle missing in action.

Westra Brightwood

Westra never knew a life outside Haberdashery Wood. She grew up on a farm on the outskirts of town with two human parents, Orin and Mara Brightwood. Westra knew from a young age that she was different, and it wasn’t just because of her pointed ears. When the Brightwoods eventually told her about how they found her on the edge of the woods as a toddler, it explained much but didn’t change how she felt about them. She loved her parents and couldn’t imagine a different life.

Then the Turncoat Conflicts began. When scouts came to town, Orin knew they would want Westra for their ranks. Her young age and Druidic abilities would make her an asset to the army. He made her hide and tried to join up himself, but Westra couldn’t let him put himself in harm's way. She snuck out in the middle of the night and joined in his stead, and her life was forever changed.

Krontold Norbang

An eccentric, functioning drunk goblin, who’s always down for a good tussle. He loves long walks in the woods and a nice sharp moonshine fresh from the still. Off on adventures, Krontold will always be the first in to protect those he cares about, but also show off his fighting prowess.

Dichard Dantellemont O'desmus D'quory

But you can just call him Dante.

Dante is a Warforged, awakened by our heroes, and his programming tells him that he must find vengeance for the Sloopadoop Family, and that begins with Finding the Monk who built him.

Everyone Else

Trevor Ling

A bro who works at the Lucky Unicorn. He loves his girlfriend, Frida, hosting interesting people at his place of work, and dreaming about being a fighter in a group of adventurers.

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Thadius Thunderjaa'

Thadius is a human wizard obsessed with running adventurers through the Thunderlock Dungeon Crawl beneath the Penny Lich for research. He lives in his hometown of Haberdashery Woods with his husband, Murp.

Murp Locktickl'r

Murp is a dwarven rogue who has retired with his husband to the small town of Haberdashery Woods where he likes to make and disarm traps for the Thunderlock Dungeon crawl. He loves losing Thadius's money on adventurers who prove themselves because he seems to make it back on the ones who just aren't ready.

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Dwaine "the Cleric" Johnson

The local temple cleric, Dwaine has been stationed in Haberdashery Woods by the Clergy. He worships the Goddess of Beauty, and as a form of worship, he provides haircuts to those passing through. This gives them time to reflect and talk through things, while looking their best.

Edmonton, the Mixologist

A mysterious and cool guy who loves to make drinks. He travels throughout Yonder Valley to work at different taverns, but he usually ends up at Haberdashery Woods the most. He bartends at the Penny Lich once every couple of weeks.

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